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user guide

RistoHub is a mobile application created to simplify the work of the restaurant owner, who is struggling every day with bookings that arrive via email, telephone, portals, collaborators and people passing by on the street. Keeping this information together is especially important when coming from multiple sources for the same restaurant.

With RistoHub you can create multiple accounts in front of the same restaurant so every waiter with his acronym can enter reservations with the availability check so you do not even risk overbooking. With our plugin to put on your site, you can also take bookings that will go directly into the mobile application, among other things without commissions.

We also have an experimental engine that scans the bookings that come from the various portals in such a way as to try to insert them directly into your account, so without doing anything you will find all the channels managed automatically.

You can try the program by registering and you will receive a confirmation email with your hub number and the password of the admin user with whom you can create all the other users.

After the registrations at www.ristohub.info you'll receive a mail with your hub number that is unique number assigned to you restaurant. The default user is admin and in the mail you'll find the password.

After connecting the first time, you can create other users for manage the application. The main menu displays today's situation. You have the free and reserved today seats and today reservation list. In the upper left menu you can add new reservations, manage the setting where you can set the mail for scanning your portals and import reservations inside (only pay users) and mail for new reservations inserted directly in the application.

Here you can set the default lunch and dinner seats, valid everyday and in the special days menu you can set the days when for example you are closed oryou have less seats available for example for na events. The menù reservations shows all future days reservations that you can search using search by day menu.

This application will be soon available for free in Google Store and Apple Store without any further supplement. It' will be free downloadable and you could login as in the web application.

For further questions ask to the Facebook page in the chat widget at bottom right of the website.